Thursday, June 11, 2009

Christianity without the Cross by Thomas Fudge

I am about half way through this book. I have to say that it has been shocking, eye opening, and a sense of relief to me. Dr. Fudge lays out what I would call an unknown history in the UPCI, at least to those such as myself that have grown up in the movement after the 80's. The book takes aim at the soteriological development and evolution within the UPCI. Chronicling how we got to where we are at doctrinally and culturally. A shocking fact that I never knew was that the first Superintendent Howard Goss did not embrace salvation at baptism, the "water and Spirit" doctrine, or the Holy Ghost with evidence of tounges as being salvation. He believed these things to be post conversional, meaning salvation happened at faith and repentance. This was eye opening to me considering that having attended two UPCI endorsed Bible college this part of our History was either purposefully ingnored or ignored to meet an agenda. I attended both Texas Bible College while it was in Houston, TX and Christian Life College in Stockton, CA. It also chronicles the merger of the PAJC and PCI. This was especially interesting to me to see that the politicking and flat out bullying of people that question or differ is nothing new in the movement.

It has been a relief to me because I am no longer affilated or a member of any UPCI, AA, or Hispana church. I still believe in Oneness theology of the Godhead, but have sense dropped what the those movements believe as holiness standards and changed somewhat on my soteriological stances. I do love those movements and continue to know, appreicate, and pray for them. I do believe them to be Christian brothers and sister. I do have issues with the organizations themselves. I know realize that I have not really left anything but now simply embracing my unknown heritage.